Vendor Administrator Registration

In order to obtain administrative rights in the claim status web portal you must be a manager or a supervisor.

Requesting User Information
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Authorizing Party Contact Information
Vendor InformationAdd Vendor
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Vendor NPI: Not Verified
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This page allows you to send a vendor admin registration request to EPIC, LP.
  • All fields are mandatory.
  • To add another vendor you can click on the green + icon.
    If you want to add new vendor by using existing Authorizing Party Contact Information, you can simply click on "Copy And Add New Row" button.
  • You can enter a partial name for Vendor in the "Vendor Name" box and click on "Check Availability" button to choose a vendor from the list.
    Once you choose a vendor from the Search Results, the NPI will be automatically populated into "Vendor NPI" field.
    You can also enter a valid NPI and check for its availability.
  • Once you enter all the information and submit the form, the registration request will be reviewed by EPIC and yow will be notified through email.
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